Ford Sierra

Ford Sierra
1.2. Car identification
2. Maintenance service
3. The general data
- 4. Engines
   - 4.1. Petrol engines
       4.1.1. Technical characteristics
      4.1.2. Adjustment of backlashes of valves
      - 4.1.3. Ignition system The gauge of impulses with the Hall converter To distribute ignitions The switchboard Remarks on operation Installation of a corner of an advancing of ignition Definition of malfunctions Removal and installation of the distributor of ignition
       4.1.4. Fuel system
       4.1.5. The repair which is not demanding removal of the engine
      4.1.6. Removal and engine installation
      4.1.7. Engine dismantling
      4.1.8. Identification of co-operating parts
      4.1.9. Engine assemblage
      4.1.10. Replacement of pistons
      4.1.11. Removal and installation of an intermediate shaft
      4.1.12. System timing
      4.1.13. Greasing system
       4.1.14. Cooling system
      4.1.15. A suspension bracket of the power unit
      4.1.16. System of release of the fulfilled gases
    4.2. The diesel engine
5. Coupling
6. Transmissions
7. A kardannyj shaft and the back bridge
8. A steering
9. Suspension brackets
10. Brake system
11. A body
12. An electric equipment The gauge of impulses with the Hall converter

Principle of action of the gauge of impulses with the Hall converter

And and In – operating electrodes,

Н – a magnetic field direction (perpendicular to a surface),

E and F – electrodes between which there is a potential difference (pressure of the Hall)

If the corresponding semiconductor through which the current between electrodes proceeds () and (), is subjected to magnetic field influence () between electrodes () and (F) this semiconductor there will be a difference of potentials. This phenomenon carries the name of effect of the Hall.