Ford Sierra

Ford Sierra
1.2. Car identification
2. Maintenance service
- 3. The general data
   - 3.1. Cars with petrol engines
      3.1.1. Weights and transfer numbers
      3.1.2. Operational liquids
       3.1.3. Changes in a design of the car with 1984 to 1986
      - 3.1.4. Changes in a design of the car with 1987 to 1989 Engine OHC
 Engine CVH 1,8 дм3
 Engine DOHC
 Service and repair
         - Coupling
   Technical characteristics A mechanical five-speed transmission of type
 A mechanical five-speed transmission of type МТ 75 An automatic transmission A forward suspension bracket
 Brake system
 The electric equipment The general data
       3.1.5. Changes in a design of the car with 1990 till February, 1993
    3.2. Cars with diesel engines
4. Engines
5. Coupling
6. Transmissions
7. A kardannyj shaft and the back bridge
8. A steering
9. Suspension brackets
10. Brake system
11. A body
12. An electric equipment Coupling Technical characteristics

Cars with engines DOHC are equipped by coupling with a technical characteristics different from all other cars of this family.

Mark of coupling
LUK, AP and Fichtel and Sachs
Mark and type of overlays
Ferodo 3111
External diameter of overlays
216 mm
Internal diameter of overlays
153 mm
Thickness of overlays
3,85 0,1 mm
Number of springs демпфера крутильных fluctuations of a disk of coupling

The tightening moments

Carter of coupling to the block of cylinders of the engine (a mechanical transmission of type МТ 75): 29 – 41 Nanometers.

Service and repair

Data on coupling removal in the cars equipped with engine DOHC, are resulted in subsection at removal of a transmission of type МТ 75.

Other information concerning a technical characteristics, adjustment and coupling repair is in section 5.