Ford Sierra

Ford Sierra
1.2. Car identification
2. Maintenance service
- 3. The general data
   - 3.1. Cars with petrol engines
      3.1.1. Weights and transfer numbers
      3.1.2. Operational liquids
       3.1.3. Changes in a design of the car with 1984 to 1986
       3.1.4. Changes in a design of the car with 1987 to 1989
      - 3.1.5. Changes in a design of the car with 1990 till February, 1993
 Engine DOHC Coupling A power shaft and the back bridge System of a steering with the hydraulic booster An electric equipment The general data
    3.2. Cars with diesel engines
4. Engines
5. Coupling
6. Transmissions
7. A kardannyj shaft and the back bridge
8. A steering
9. Suspension brackets
10. Brake system
11. A body
12. An electric equipment

Угловые электрокамины фото смотрите на A power shaft and the back bridge

In the back bridge of type 7 "satellites and semiaxial gear wheels of differential are changed. New satellites can be distinguished on strengthening on their lateral aspect, and new semiaxial gear wheels have shorter teeths, without strengthenings.

Gear wheels of old and new types can взаимозаменяться, but only completely. It is impossible to establish old and new gear wheels together.

Other information, concerning a technical characteristics, adjustment and repair карданного a shaft and the back bridge, is resulted in section 7.