Ford Sierra

Ford Sierra
1.2. Car identification
2. Maintenance service
3. The general data
4. Engines
5. Coupling
6. Transmissions
7. A kardannyj shaft and the back bridge
8. A steering
9. Suspension brackets
10. Brake system
- 11. A body
   11.1. Care of a body
   - 11.2. Body elements
      11.2.1. A cowl cable
      11.2.2. Cowl adjustments
      - 11.2.3. Doors An internal upholstery of a door Adjustment of closing of the lock of a door The internal door handle The cylinder of the lock of a door The door lock Forward sitting
12. An electric equipment The internal door handle Removal

1. To remove an internal upholstery of a door.
2. Being careful to remove condensing film about the door handle and draughts.
3. To unscrew two screws (13) (fig. the Mechanism of closing of a door see), to reject the bottom part from a door and to disconnect the top part from a door.
4. To raise draughts (12) (fig. the Mechanism of closing of a door see) and to get from a door skeleton.
5. To disconnect from a back part of the door handle draught of the internal door handle, and then draught of opening of the lock.
6. To remove the door handle.


Installation is made in sequence of return to removal. It is necessary to give special attention to gluing of a condensing film as at not tight gluing of a film in car salon draughts are possible.